Floor Wine Racks

Wine racks are an essential part of any first-class wine collection. Wine racks ensure wine bottles are stored properly with the cork touching the wine so the wine does not spoil. Floor wine racks are especially convenient because unlike their wall or ceiling mounted counterparts they can stand on their own anywhere in a room and require no installation.

Floor wine racks are often decorative, and enhance the esthetics of a living area. They are appropriate for wine storage in the home or office, and are even an elegant accent in a restaurant, bar or retail setting. Floor wine racks are easy to move, allowing you to easily change the décor of your house and not have to keep your wine collection in the same old place.

Choose the Right Floor Wine Racks
At Winecabinets.com, we carry a large variety of floor wine racks to fit every wine collection and budget. Our black Pacifica Floor Wine/Glass Rack can store 12 bottles and 24 glasses. This rack stands just over 35 inches tall, making it convenient for rooms designed with floor pillows or low-to-the-floor furniture.

Our Cavallo Wine Table is another floor wine rack with interesting styling. The Cavallo Collection racks are all inspired by an equestrian look, and they come with a leather-like finish reminiscent of leather straps. Our table holds a dozen bottles of wine and eight stems with a small tabletop for serving and display. If you are interested in a wooden floor rack for your wine, we offer the classic Beechwood Stackable/Foldable Rack, which holds 25 bottles.