Contemporary Wine Racks

Contemporary wine racks are designed to be a wine storage solution with a modern feel. Each contemporary wine display rack is meant to match the style and sophistication of current furnishings. These fashionable racks not only showcase wine bottles and glasses, but they also offer a trendy choice for people with modern tastes.

Contemporary wine racks offer the same benefits as standard wine racks, including proper bottle angle to keep the cork moist to prevent your wine from spoiling. Some contemporary wine racks are multi-purpose, and each stylish rack makes a thoughtful gift for the modern lover of wine.

Contemporary Wine Racks to Suit Your Décor
At , we offer contemporary wine racks in a variety of capacities and styles. One of our functional and stylish racks is the black Kendall LeCompte Wine Rack Shelf. This artistic shelf designed by a modern artist has steel construction and holds two wine bottles in its coils and also stores three wine stems. Designed by the same artist, we also offer the modern Sequoia Wine Rack. This larger capacity steel sculpture holds 17 bottles of wine and is a work of art to be enjoyed with or without a large wine collection.

If you are looking for a contemporary wine rack made out of wood, the Bali 15-Bottle Wine Rack is a stylish choice. Its wavelike rows were inspired by modern furniture, and the chrome supports give it a sleek look and feel. The Bali style rack also comes in a 12-bottle capacity, and both racks are small enough to store on a counter or table.