Counter Top Wine Racks

Counter top wine racks are designed to store and display a small collection of wine bottles on a counter or table top. They are a popular solution for wine storage on the kitchen counter, on a home bar or any place where space is an issue.

Whether for use as your only wine storage rack or as a simple solution for keeping wine that is in use nearby, counter top racks present an appropriately sized solution for your space saving needs. At, we have several modern and elegant counter top racks to suit any taste.

Popular Styles of Counter Top Wine Racks
If you are interested in counter top wine racks with a metal design, consider our Spiral Wine Rack. This space saving rack holds a dozen bottles of wine and features rubber padded bottoms to keep your counter tops protected. Our Metalla Wine Caddy is a smaller sized rack perfect for the counter top. This angled three bottle rack also doubles as a portable caddy due to its attractive handles.

For a space that needs a rack with a brown finish, our Cavallo Collection offers a Solo or Trio rack to fit your décor. These handsome racks are painted with a brown paint made to simulate leather, and are further accented with silver rings. The Cavallo Solo holds one bottle of wine, while the Trio holds three. We also offer the Florence Wine Rack, a metal rack that comes in a brown antique copper finish or pewter finish. This rack holds eight bottles of wine in its curved design.