Haier Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are designed to keep wine bottles correctly stored and refrigerated to ensure freshness and quality. Besides keeping wine chilled, wine coolers keep bottles horizontal to ensure the cork stays wet and is not able to dry out, which can lead to wine spoilage.

At Winecabinets.com, we offer many high quality wine coolers including the Haier brand wine coolers. Haier wine coolers have a sleek metallic design and glass front windows to handsomely display wine. We carry Haier coolers of all different capacities, and most can be installed right under your kitchen counter for efficient and effective cooling.

Popular Haier Wine Coolers
Our smallest capacity Haier wine cooler is the Counter Top 12 Bottle Wine Cooler. This cooler is small enough to store on the kitchen counter, but is also designed to be a built-in unit. If you are interested in a larger unit with a door handle, our Haier 40-bottle Wine Cooler may be ideal. This wine refrigerator has dual controls for cooling Reds and Whites in separate zones.

For a larger capacity Haier wine cooler, the Premier 102 Bottle Wine Cooler. The Premier is equipped with angled and adjustable display racks as well as a temperature controller that can be set from 45 to 60 degrees. Our Haier cooler also has a security lock and the option for a silver trimmed door.