Wine Glass Racks

Wine glass racks are storage and display racks that hold stemware. Some wine racks have glass racks built into them, although there are many wine glass racks designed with only the stemware in mind. Racks hold glasses upside down for efficient drying.

Wine glass racks keep stemware clean, safe and conveniently located. Delicate wine glasses tend to get lost in kitchen cabinets, and are often not accessible when choosing wine from a display case or other storage solution. Wine glass racks can be mounted near your wine storage area, and can sometimes be built right in to your wine racks. Stemware racks are also a solution for wine drinkers who have a stunning collection of glassware that should not go unnoticed.

Choose Wine Glass Racks to Match Your Décor
At, we carry wine glass racks to suit every requirement and budget. Our Metal Under-Counter Stem Rack combines a chrome finish with an easily mountable design for storage under any cabinet. For a more modern design, we offer the Fusion 8 Stemware Rack. This foldable metal rack holds eight glasses and is perfect for trouble-free drying and glass display. For a larger collection of glassware, there is the Fusion 16 Stemware Rack. With a 16-stem capacity and room for a wine decanter, this rack folds and stores easily and features non-slip rubber ends on the legs.

We at also offer glass racks that can be added to an already existing wine storage solution. Either of our Glass Racks in the EZ Redwood Rack collection and the Premium Redwood collection can be added to existing modular racks to increase display potential.