Corner Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets are an important part of any serious collector's wine storage solution. Wine cabinets are designed to facilitate proper racking and temperature for wine stored for longer than one year. Corner wine cabinets are particularly convenient because they offer a free standing solution to wine storage needs that can be tucked away in a corner.

Corner wine cabinets designed to fit flush in a corner are usually lacking refrigeration, making them a decent temporary storage solution but insufficient for long term storage needs. Refrigerated wine cabinets with a compact design that can fit in the corner are a complete solution because they offer proper racking where the cork stays in contact with the wine as well as the correct temperature for aging wine and ensuring it does not spoil.

How to Choose Corner Wine Cabinets
At, we carry several wine cabinets that can fit in the corner, many of which are equipped with cooling systems for temperature control. Our AmeriCave 2-dr Petite has a 58 bottle storage capacity and a back vented cooling system. This wine cabinet is only 40 inches tall and requires three inches of space between itself and the wall for proper ventilation, making it an easy fit in any corner of the house. Its compact size also makes it easily movable for redecorating purposes.

Or consider Vinotheque Connoiseur Corner wine cabinet accomodating 300 bottles as it can be located 2" away from wall with great styling and elegance.

If you are interested in a non-refrigerated wine cabinet, consider our Beechwood Wine Tower. This open front cabinet with storage for 18 wine bottles also contains a glass rack and two shelves for display. Our Wine Tower is a sensible choice for wine collector's looking for a wooden cabinet perfect for the corner.