Wooden Wine Cabinets

Wine cabinets are designed to keep your wine collection fresh through refrigeration and proper bottle storing. Wooden cabinets are a classic choice for wine storage needs. Wooden wine cabinets come equipped with an internal cooling system and proper ventilation, making sure your wine stays cool.

Controlling the temperature of your wine storage area prevents it from spoiling and allows your wine to age properly. A wooden wine cabinet also holds bottles horizontally or at an angle to make sure the cork stays in contact with the wine. If your corks dry out, your wine's seal may be broken and your wine could spoil. Wooden wine cabinets come in different sizes, styles and capacities. Consider your particular storage needs and where your cabinet will be placed in your home when making a decision about the right wooden wine cabinet for you.

High-Quality Wooden Wine Cabinets
At Winecabinets.com, we offer three different brands of wooden wine cabinets to fit your needs. All of our wooden wine cabinets come equipped with a cooling system, and come in a variety of styles and wood choices. For a smaller wine collection, consider one of our AmeriCave Wine Cabinets. Our AmeriCave cabinets range from a 58 bottle capacity to a 2,600 bottle capacity, which also make them a smart choice for stately wine collections.

We also offer Vinotheque and Le Cache brand wooden wine cabinets. Our Vinotheque cabinets can be stylized to fit any décor, and with 15 door styles and four series there are many options to choose from. Le Cache wooden cabinets are equipped with a Breezaire cooling system, and come in five models.