Built In Wine Cabinets

Built in wine cabinets are convenient and effective ways to store wine. Wine cabinets keep wine at the proper temperature and proper storage angle. If wine gets too warm or too cold, or if the cork dries out, wine is in danger of spoiling. Built in wine cabinets offer a temperature controlled solution that is built in to a kitchen counter or wall space designed to make wine easy to access. They are usually equipped with a front ventilation system and plug into a standard outlet for easy installation.

Wine that is being stored for over a year should be suitably racked and be in a temperate environment to enable proper aging. A built in wine cabinet refrigerates your wine, keeping them at a temperature you set. This allows for proper storage as well as chilled wine for enjoying.

Deciding Between Popular Built In Wine Cabinets
At Winecabinets.com, we offer several built in wine cabinets spanning different capacities and styles.

Consider our Eurocave Performance 59. It comes equipped with a front ventilation system and plugs into a standard outlet. Our Eurocave Performance 59 can be customized with an insulated glass window or stainless steel door and optional sliding wood shelves and holds 47 bottles of wine.