Danby Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are a self contained storage and refrigeration solution for your wine collection. Any wine collection that is going to be stored for over a year should be stored in a temperature controlled space to ensure the wine does not spoil. Danby wine coolers are a trusted wine cooler brand, manufacturing refrigerated wine storage units for use in the home, restaurant, bar or retail stores.

Danby wine coolers have a metal construction, and there are many different styles and capacities to choose from. Danby is especially known for their small home cooler units. This brand offers many features in their wine coolers, from scratch resistant tops to shatter proof glass doors and many more.

How to Find Danby Wine Coolers
At Winecabinets.com, we offer a variety of Danby wine coolers. Our smallest is the Danby Deluxe 17 Bottle Wine Cooler. Our Danby Deluxe is just over 20 inches tall, and is equipped with pull out wire racks and auto cycle defrost. If you are interested in a larger capacity cooler, consider the Danby Millennium 40 Bottle Wine Cooler. Our Danby Millennium has fingertip controlled temperature and an interior light.

For storing over 50 bottles of wine, consider our Danby Silhouette 75 Bottle Wine Cooler. This wine cooler features pull out wooden racks and is frost free. It also comes with a limited five year in home warranty. If you are interested in two zones for your red and white wines, our Danby Silhouette 54 Bottle Wine Cooler can meet your needs. Its two-door design creates two cooling environments and the doors come with a security lock.