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Custom Design Questionnaire

In order to precisely prepare the CAD and provide proper consultation of you wine cellar design to fit your needs, we ask that you answer the questionnaire below.

Wine Storage

  • Is your wine cellar intended to be a showcase cellar and/or just for maximum storage?
  • Is it constant or growing collection? What is the expected total capacity?
  • Type of collection: Percentage of Splits, 750ml, Champagnes, Magnums, and Large- format bottles?
  • Is it a 'passive' cellar, not needing s cooling system? Or intended as an 'active' cellar and needs our advice on proper preparation of the room and the right type of cooling system. See How to Build a Wine Cellar for info. Here is a helpful video version.

Wine Racking

  • What kind of racking/shelving are you interested? Such as Individuals, True-radius Round-corners, Segmented Corners or Dead Corners, etc .. Do you need racking for Wood cases, and Cardboard cases?
  • Do you need stemware racks and for how many stems?
  • Any consideration for arches or an area to showcase painting(s) or mural(s), and what size is the art piece?

Cellar Layout

  • What is the ceiling height and do you wish to rack floor-to-ceiling? Do you wish to rack all walls?
  • Where is the location of door(s) and does it swing in or out? What is size of door(s), including frame? What are dimension of wall to left/right of door(s)?
  • Are there any obstructions such as light switches, pipes, soffit, windows, ? If yes, measurements & location?
  • What are the materials for your floor and walls?
  • Where do you wish to install a cooling system or do you need advice? In your room layout, we need info of the adjacent walls/rooms, exterior walls, basement, or ground floor, etc. for us to provide to give you better recommendation of proper location of cooling system.
  • You may send us architectural rendering of the room layout. Or you can provide a hand-sketch of the room and don't forget to provide all dimensions of the room.
We provide 3 rendering of 2-D B&W CAD design AT NO CHARGE. Once all data is received, we generally email/fax the CAD within 3-6 business days. Fees to be charged for subsequent designs or for color and 3-D CADs.

Please email to
[email protected] or fax the cellar layout to 925-447-8015. Looking forward to designing your Dream Cellar.