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Wine Room/Cellar Air Conditioners

We offer the very best wine cellar cooling units for your wine cellar or cabinet. We believe the time, energy, and expense invested in a wine collection cannot be compromised by an inefficient wine cellar air conditioner. The wine cellar refrigeration systems you'll find here are all on the cutting edge of temperature and humidity regulation technology to age wine properly. See Why Age Wine for more information.

Proper temperature and humidity controls are essential when successfully aging wine into its full potential. All of these units can accomplish those two primary tasks, and here you're presented with wine room cooling systems small enough to handle just a 80 cubic foot cooler space up to several units capable of cooling as many as 2500 cubic feet. All but the economical CellarCool models come with the option of either a split or a through-the-wall system setup, while WhisperKOOL and Cellarpro offers a ducting option.

Here is a helpful video on understanding how wine cellars are built and different cooling options. Contact us for further assistance in properly sizing the right unit for your cellar - 877-447-8700 / local 925-447-8000, via email [email protected]

  • Easy wall mounted installation
  • Heavy duty coils
  • State of the art controller
  • Sized to replace other units such as Breezaire WKL and Winemate

  • Choice of Through-the-wall or Split System up to 2000 cubic footage with options for ducting.
  • Available on selected models to handle up to 110 degrees.
  • Equipped with bottle probe for proper calibration from 1600 to 8000 Btu

  • Choice of Through-the-wall or Split System up to 1500 cubic footage