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Le Cache Wine Storage Cabinets

Our collection of Le Cache wine coolers represent some of the most diverse and unique wine storage cabinets found anywhere. Choose from a series lineup of several separate styles, including Euro, Contemporary, Loft, Vault and more. Each unit is designed to provide the most attractive and functional long-term storage of your wines, allowing for the ideal temperature and humidity levels for perfect aging.

Whether you prefer one of the Le Cache Contemporary Series wine cellars, one of the Euro-styled Le Cache refrigerated wood wine cabinets or the more modern-looking Le Cache Wine storage Loft Series, you won't be disappointed with the attractive styling, high-quality materials and manufacturing or your instant access to the perfect bottle of wine. You'll find wine storing & cooling cabinets that can go with just about any décor and can also opt for build-it-yourself projects that provide storage for up to 800 standard-sized wine bottles.

Shipping starting at $495 includes indoor delivery service, first floor, set up, leveling of cabinet, debris removal, and insurance. Extra flight of stairs or labor will have additional fee

(1) Contemporary Series
  • From uprights to credenza, this Series offers clean, contemporary design blends equally well with modern, Craftsman, Deco or Asian décors.
  • From 172 to 522 bottles.

(2) Euro Series

  • From uprights to credenza, this Series offers architectural details such as crown and base molding, paneled sides, hardwood French doors and hand-carved accents showcase fine wine collections with a sense of luxury and style.
  • From 172 to 522 bottles.

(3) Mission Series
  • From uprights to credenza, this Series offers straight lines and beautiful wood grains combine to achieve the timeless beauty of fine arts & crafts furniture.
  • From 172 to 286 bottles.

(4) Loft Series
  • Designed for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style, our Loft Series is ideally suited for modern dwellings.
  • From 172 to 286 bottles.

(5) Wine Vault Series
  • Designed for wine collectors with serious wine storage requirements in a more rugged storage environment.
  • One model at 368 bottles.

(6) BILD 800 Modular Wine Room