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Credenza Series Galaxy Collection - Ideal for garage Prestige Collection

Classic WCI Wine Cabinet Furniture for the Home

Age your wine in the same place where you eat. No, we promise we havenít had too much wineóit is possible with Wine Cellar Impressions wine cabinets. These wine bottle storage units are perfect for people who donít have room to have their own cellar or who simply want to save space. WCI wine cellar refrigerator cabinets will age your wines perfectly and can easily become a jewel in your space because of its beauty and functionality.

These WCI rustic wood wine cabinets with coolers are available in various wood finishes, such as oak and rosewood, and feature hand-crafted redwood racks. The cabinets also feature a cooling system and a digital temperature display. WCI cellars are preassembled and are easy to install. Weíre confident that youíll find the perfect state-of-the-art wine cellar for your space at Vino Cellars! For inquiry, call Toll Free at 877-447-8700, in Northern California at 925-447-8000, or e-mail us at

Galaxy Collection

  • Upright Wine cabinets with Luan Mahogany exterior
  • Equipped with upgraded insulation and cooling system for extreme environments such as hot/humid garages.

Prestige Collection

  • Upright Wine cabinets with American Cherry exterior
  • Included with many standard options to produce a prestigious product.